Update name servers with automatic registrar

I need to update my nameservers. This page step 4 does not contain the instructions for my registrar, automattic.

“Replace the current nameserver records in your registrar account with the information you copied from Cloudflare. For detailed instructions, select a link in the list below.”

How can I find the nameserver records for automattic ?

You can do this, but if you do, your Wordpress.com hosted blog will not work. Wordpress.com, ran by automattic, does not support using another CDN for your content - you must keep your nameservers pointed at them to use it. You pretty much can’t use Cloudflare if this is your current situation.

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Thank you!

Will it allow me to keep a placeholder home page up while I migrate my content over to another platform?

You could use Workers ($5/month) if you can code a self-contained landing page in HTML.

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