Update name servers to point to the records provided by host

I just transferred my domain to Cloudflare. I am trying to add the domain to my host account (GroovePages) so that I can publish my page. The instructions on Groove say ‘update your nameservers to point to the records below’. Where do I enter these records? Thanks in advance!

What are the records? Are they NS or other types of records (CNAME, A, etc)?

Thank you for your quick reply! They are 2 name servers. When using my old registrar, I would enter them under Name servers > Custom DNS.

If you’re saying that your domain is here under Cloudflare Registrar, Terms of Service 6.1 prohibits you from changing name servers.

GroovePages won’t tell you what DNS records you can add here to get your site working?

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When I try to add the domain on GroovePages, I receive the following message: Login to your account with your domain provider and update your nameservers to point to the records below. Once it’s added, click on the next button and verify your domain configuration in the next step.

The nameservers are Cloudflare. I have asked GroovePages for other records or another method, but they have not provided any other solution.

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