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Need help in uploading and updating my new SSL certificate. The old one will be expired on 2022-01-12.
I bought in my host the new one but I cannot update it in Cloudflare.

Where and how I can do this?

From the screenshot above, may I ask is this question about Cloudflare’s Universal SSL certificate? which will renew itself on time without any additional user action.

Or rather about an option to upload your SSL certificate to Cloudflare? If yes, then I believe this option is available for Business and Enterprise plans:

You can keep a track of it if you enable the Certificate Transparency Monitoring option from the Cloudflare Dashboard from which you would receive an “alert” to your e-mail (assigned to your CF account) as a notice about the new issuance of a new SSL certificate covering your domain.

More about it can be read at the link below:

Or rather you are using Advanced Certificate Manager and want to renew your SSL cert?:

Thank you for your reply.

I am not sure about the solutions. Could you please clarify it?

  1. I have a free plan now. I saw it.
  2. Last year I bought an SSL certification on my host - thehost.ua
  3. I don’t remember did I catch this certificate from host or Cloudflare created the new one for free

I have this information

According to the screenshot - the SSL will renew automatically by Cloudflare? So I bought the new one on my host for nothing?

Universal SSL from Cloudflare, yes, it would renew automatically.

No, it’s not for nothing.

You are a person aware of security.

You still need to have a valid SSL certificate installed on your origin host/server.

You need it to have a secured connection (HTTPS) from your origin to the Cloudflare and the visitor (end-user), using the Full (Strict) SSL option selected under the SSL/TLS tab of the Cloudflare dashboard for your domain name.

You also need it to communicate over SSL (secured) connection for your e-mails nowadays.

When your SSL certificate (on the origin host/server) expires, you need to renew it (it’s each year I think, depending on which one is it) to keep the secured connection all the time.

Thank you very much for your answers.

So, I have now on my website the SSL certificate (on screenshot) and I will see auto-renew by Cloudflare here when it will be expired?

As for my email - should I do something or the auto-renew will renew the email security?

Thanks a lot

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