UPDATE MX RECORDS to get Gmail back online

Hey there CF community,

I’m new to this, apologies if it’s an obvious one.
Needing some help to update my MX records, for my email DNS settings, to get my emails back online through Gmail, where they were previously operated.

My domain lapsed, but has since been re-pruchased, but when I update the MX records it doesnt seem to work.

Welcome to the Cloudflare Community.

By Gmail, I presume you mean Google Workspace and not some forwarding of domain email to a gmail.com address. The following Google documentation has the relevant MX records.

Yep, Google workspace! But with a forwarding of a domain, which I owned, it then lapsed whilst I was overseas and went into a redemption period. I then repurchased the domain, but can now not link the MX records in order for the emails to work again.

Any ideas?