Update login for domain, email account not receiving notice for reset

I’m helping an IT client recapture their login admin for updating their DNS. For privacy reasons, they would like to not publish the domain name here. Sending ‘forgot login’ to whatever email address is associated with the account here on cloudflare is not sending them a reply email (yes, we’ve checked the junk/spam filters). Client suspects former web developer may have used their own email and not the client’s contact here. Best method to recommend my client (1) prove who they are (2) have the admin email address updated so they can reset login credentials?

Thank you. I did search several possible terms/phrases for this without success. Before I bother some poor sales person with the phone number, thought I’d post here. Cheers.

Y, your client really needs to recover that login details to avoid a lot of complexity.

Your client can attempt to recover access by navigating to https://dash.cloudflare.com/forgot-email, entering their domain, and retrieving the registered email address. However, if they can’t locate the email or don’t have access to it, they’ll need to create a new Cloudflare account. After creating the new account, instruct the client to update the nameservers for their domain at their domain registrar to those provided by the new Cloudflare account. If the client cannot access the domain registrar either, they will need to first recover access to those domain registration details.

Best bet, make contact with the former employee and have them share the details.

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