Update Firewall Rule API - Not Reflecting Expression Changes

Hi All

I’m having the same issue as this guy with regards to modifying a single Cloudflare firewall rule via the API.

Specifically, the contents of the expression aren’t updating. Other changes I make do seem to take effect. For example, the description of the rule updates properly. See below:

I’m following this documentation: Cloudflare API Documentation

Any idea what I’m missing here?


I was able to reproduce the same error, API does change from paused to not paused, but does not update the expression of the filter object. Could you please open a ticket so that we can escalate the issue? Please visit https://dash.cloudflare.com/?to=/:account/support then pick Technical - Website > Security > Firewall Rules and describe the issue with a link to this topic.

EDIT: I actually found the solution, which is to use the update filter API endpoint, instead of the update firewall rule endpoint. Please see the solution for a similar topic:


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