Update Failed when updating Wordpress pages

I receive an immediate “Updating Failed” when attempting to update certain pages in WordPress. I have disabled all plugins and switched to a default theme with the same result.

However, it appears the website when loaded locally directly from my web host’s server IP, it does not maintain the same issue.

This me to believe Cloudflare may be blocking the JSON response. Any advice on how to fix this issue?


Thank you for asking.

May I ask, what kind of update are you doing?

Like “Update” for changes or?

Or like changing some design style like CSS or some kind of a JavaScript code?

Are you using some kind of a WordPress builder like Elementor?

Any caching plugins?

Before moving to Cloudflare, was your Website working over HTTPS connection?
Is your WordPress configured to work over HTTPS in the Options/Settings admin page?

In that case, I’d suggest you to whiltelist/allow your server IP by navigating to the Security → Tools → IP Access Rules. Add your origin host / server / web hosting IP address in the input field and select the action “allow” from the dropdown for your website.

Furthermore, are you using any of the WordPress security plugins which could restrict WP JSON or it’s API, so maybe some of your plugin(s) might not work as expected? :thinking:

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