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Hello my friends. I have a simple question: recently i’m update my dns records. And this question would not be worthy of your attention if not for one nuance:
My registrar is from Kyiv and I have doubts that the domain works. And I would like to ask how long does it usually take to update dns records on Cloudflare?

Maybe records already updated and i don’t know about it? Where i can check it?

My domain: yalta-365.ru

Seems to generally work fine - DNS Checker - DNS Check Propagation Tool

If you believe the records did not update because it shows the proxy addresses, then you should check out Why does a DNS lookup on my domain not return the IP address I configured?


could not find node :frowning:

This will be a local DNS issue. Maybe switch to a public resolver.

What do these two calls say?

nslookup www.yalta-365.ru
nslookup www.yalta-365.ru

Can you also try nslookup www.yalta-365.ru

You can resolve it via In that case you may want to switch to that resolver.

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If my host is server on digitalocean, which dns records i should have on Cloudflare?
NS records of digitalocean or something else? Ip?

My records:

That’s something you need to clarify with your host I am afraid. That’s a separate issue from DNS resolution however.

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