Update DNS record

HI, how do I update the DNS record for my domain email server as per below?

A record

MX record

Hi @ayxaaron,

You should do this in the DNS app in your Cloudflare dashboard.

We have tutorials on Adding DNS Records and Editing DNS Records.

Make sure that

Has a :grey: and NOT a :orange: next to it.

I get a DNS Validation Error (Code: 1004) when adding A record

As for MX record, what should I put for name?

Can you post a screenshot of the A record and the error?

The MX record name should be @ or your domain.

What do I put for priority?

how about the A record error?

for mx or A record?

can you give me the exact instruction?

You probably get the error because that DNS record already seems to exist as a CNAME…

Leave the A record, you have the CNAME instead.

Go down to the MX record you already have and change the value to


So to confirm, I dont update the A record?

Correct. You don’t need the A record because, from your screenshot, you already have a :grey: CNAME for ‘mail’.

Which MX record do I change? there are two

Looks like you have them pointing to MX1 and MX2 at a hosting provider. Delete one of them and edit the other one as above.

Ok thank you!

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