Update DNS Record potential improvement


At the moment I have a series of pis + VPNs that use the cloudflare API for setting DNS records. These devices, do the following:

  1. Query icanhazip (and therefore cloudflare) to get public ipv4 and public ipv6 addresses
  2. Send a DNS update to cloudflare to update their record to point to their corresponding ip.

By doing the above, I can ensure my piholes are publically accessible from dynamic residential IPs.

I imagine I am not the only person perhaps using cloudflare for this purpose.

My main question is that could the API just be simplified here? Instead of doing 2 requests above to cloudflare, would be nicer to just send 1 and let cloudflare figure out my public IP from my request.

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You may want to search Feature Request Submitting & Feedback to see if this has been proposed. If it has, you can endorse the idea with your vote. Otherwise you can submit it!