Update DNS, but resolve old IP


I migrate my host from a2hosting to AWS. I updated my domain tapchiamnhac.net but it still resolves to the old a2hosting:

  1. From Cpanel of A2Hosting, remove Cloudfare dns.
  2. Check site is removed from Cloudfare: OK
  3. Create a new site and point to the Elastic IP of EC2 instance: “active”

Type A tapchiamnhac.net points to

  1. ping still resolves to the old hosting:
PING tapchiamnhac.net ( 56(84) bytes of data.
64 bytes from sgss4.a2hosting.com ( icmp_seq=1 ttl=54 time=378 ms


You should flush your local DNS cache. That host resolves to Cloudflare IPs for me.

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Hi @cs-cf,

can you ping tapchiamnhac.net?

as you see above, my ping goes to “sgss4.a2hosting.com


As I said, it resolves to a Cloudflare IP for me.

ping tapchiamnhac.net
PING tapchiamnhac.net ( 56 data bytes

AS      | IP               | AS Name

13335 | | CloudflareNET - Cloudflare, Inc., US

@cs-cf thank you!

  1. do you know if we can set the nameservers of AWS (AWS Route 53) instead of forwarding IP (Type A).
  2. And is it better to do so?

It’s not possible to redelgate your root record NS when Cloudflare is serving as your DNS.

Generally no. It involves more DNS lookups and there isn’t any additional value to doing it that I see in this scenario.

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