Update customer SSL certificate

Hi, I’m trying to renew my custom certification by uploading new one
my page -> SSL/TLS -> Edge Certificates
Then I select expiring certificate and in upload window I paste certificate (which is analyzed properly) and private key.
After Upload custom certificate:
I got an error:
The certificate chain you uploaded cannot be bundled using Cloudflare’s trust store. Please check your input and try again. (Code: 2100)
Do you have any ideas what is wrong?
Best, Tomasz

I presume you are on a Business plan, right?

Who issued the certificate you are uploading? Are all intermediate certificates included?

Yes, I’m on Business plan.
My client administrator provided me certificate with key to upload. How can I check if all intermediate certificates are included? As I sad before, certificate was successfully analyzed by cloudflare.

You best clarify this with your client administrator, they should know what to provide you with.

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