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Hi, I am getting Robots.txt fetch failed error in Google Search Console. I contacted the hosting and domain provider they said everything is fine at their end however, after their validation they found that the domain is pointing to an incorrect IP address due to 3rd party services we are availing. Means we are facing the issue due to Cloudflare.

We need to update correct IP address in the correct format. We are unbale to contact the Cloubdflare team on chat or call. Please let us know how to sort out this?

Thank you so much for the time!



You set the IP of your origin server in the Cloudflare dashboard here…

Make sure your hosting provider isn’t confused by seeing a Cloudflare IP address for your domain, that is normal for proxied connections. Just ensure you have the settings in the Cloudflare dashboard set correctly.

For further checking you can give the website.

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