Update Browser Cache

I am using cloud-flare everything cache but the problem is browser doesn’t take effect instantly if something is updated on web.

it require force refresh and at-least 3 to 5 min to get updated. is there any setting i can use so browser can instantly update the changes to website.

Ehm, maybe I am missing something but it is the principle idea behind caching that data is not instantly fetched but from a (possibly outdated) middle tier first. Am I missing something?

If you want instant updates, you’d have to stop caching.

well it should be a little more faster i literally have to refresh multiple time to fetch update. it would be better if there is something regarding this.

i totally understand your view point just someway we can tell browser leave this and fetch newer version.

Well, for starters you will have to disable caching on Cloudflare’s side altogether, at least for the URLs in question.

Then, you’ll also need to look into how to deal with the browser cache, but that question is rather unrelated to Cloudflare and better suited for StackExchange and alike.

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There is no setting on cloud-flare side?

You can set the browser cache value in a page rule, but considering what you asked for you’ll likely want to disable caching altogether even on the client side.

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Thank You for Your time.

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