Update A-record to new IP address

I was having connectivity and timeout issues on my site https://contemptor.com and contacted my hosting company, HostGator. Their support person told me I needed to point the A-record of the domain in Cloudflare to their IP so they could address and fix the issue on their end.

The previous IP showing in Cloudflare was I switched it to per their request. Obviously, this led to my site immediately going down, something they said would happen due to propagation. They’ve informed me this will take anywhere between 1 and 12 hours.

My main concern is if I did this right. I only changed the A-record for the domain, but noticed there are a few other A listings with the previous IP address. Should I have also changed those? (HostGator said I don’t.)

Below is the screenshot after I changed the A-record (couldn’t place before as I’m restricted to one image right now):

Prior to that the A-record for contemptor.com was

As stated, I just want to verify that I did this correctly. My site is a media/news site, so any downtime is extremely inconvenient and the sooner we can get it back up, the better.

looks like it’s up.

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