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I cancelled my subscription with Cloudflare but now I am get DNS issues that has knocked my site offline. My hosting service told me that I need to get Cloudflare to update the ‘A Record’ with IP information to resolve this issue.

I tried submitting a ticket but the bot auto-closed it. There is no phone support … so I am feel stuck with no idea of how to get cloudflare to update my A Record information so that the DNS issue is resolved.

Any ideas of how I can get this resolved

That would mean, you are on a Free Cloudflare plan?
Or you removed your domain from your Cloudflare account?
Or you canceled your Cloudflare account, including all of the domains being added to it?

You would need to know your hosting provider’s IP address of your host origin/server, create an A record with “content value” of that IP address.

What kind of error you get?
May I ask what is your domain name and where are the domain nameservers (at domain registar) currently pointed to?

If you still have your domain under your Cloudflare account, you can use Cloudflare DNS tab to manage your DNS records.

To add a new DNS record:

To modify/edit the current DNS record:

Otherwise, if no access to your Cloudflare account, or if domain is being deleted, you can try with the process of re-adding it back again. Else, switch back your nameservers to your hosting provider’s one.

Be aware you could be in a loop regarding DNS resolving for your domain now.

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Thanks adding the DNS entry worked (site is corneredglobe.com)

Question I no longer need the cloudflare service and want to transfer the DNS hosting back to godaddy. Is that a request I make with cloudflare or through godaddy


Thanks … recommendation worked … requested DNS transfer from godaddy since I no longer use cloudflare

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In that case, I believe you would need to change your nameservers back to the old ones or the GoDaddy one’s for your domain at your domain registar.

I am happy to assist you :wink:

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