Upcoming Let’s Encrypt certificate chain change and impact for Cloudflare customers

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Many of our customers still using android version 7.1.2. If this change will affect our customers. In the documentation Cloud-flare mentioned it as the change will affect android version older than or equal to 7.1.0 will affect. What about android version 7.1.2. How I can sort this problem? Is there anyway to use any other certificate provider like Google Trust in place of Lets-encrypt as our universal certificate.
Your help will be appreciated.

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My guess is that I will be fine as it is after 7.1.0. You can check the certificate that is currently be used by your site and if it is issued from ISRG Root X1 and no issues reported by customers then you are all set.


Hi, Thanks for your reply. I am attaching my certificate details.


The certificate issues from ISRG Root X2.


I believe you should be all set as the ISRG Root X1 is there.

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