Upcoming changes to <unsupported-name>.cloudflare-dns.com hosts

Hi there,

Cloudflare resolver team recently reviewed our inventory of DNS-over-HTTPS (DoH) hosts, and found there are some clients use DoH hosts we never intended to support. Most of them are due to typos.

We’ve carefully reviewed these hosts and pick a list of hosts that have more than 1 qps and started redirecting (301) them to cloudflare-dns.com.

While for the rest of long tails hosts that have less than 1 qps, we’ll stop support them.

If you find the Cloudflare DoH endpoint on your device stopped working, please review if it is one the officially supported hosts:

For browsers that have Cloudflare in the secure DNS provider list, you can simply select that.

See also: Overview · Cloudflare docs

Thank you.


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