Unwanted third party domains are redirecting to my site

I suggest you to complain abuse at https://www.cloudflare.com/abuse

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I did that already and was directed here!

Have you received any email on this issue from Cloudflare? Have you contacted to the registrar of those sites? You can find them in here.

Yes I received an email from Cloudflare and they told me to post here on the Community.

And yes I’ve contacted the registrar - Godaddy. I also filed an abuse report there but they haven’t gotten back to me yet. That was almost 2 weeks ago. I tried chatting to their customer support but they were very unhelpful.

A conditional redirect back to the referrer when specified abusive domains are present in the referrer header sounds interesting. I don’t know how viable it is or how effective it would be.

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I assume the Trust and Safety team reviews the details and reply if appropriate according to their policy.

There’s also another tool named disavow from Google. I’m sure that can be of great help!

Check this out:

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The referrer header would only ever show the abusive domains if the associated link resided on the abusive domain’s website. However, this isn’t usually the case - the links typically exist on other websites.

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Apparently they’re too busy for non-paying Cloudflare members which is why they told me to post here.

I have been using Google’s disavow tool daily. However, I would prefer not to do this and remove the actual source of the problem, i.e. the redirects. There are thousands of backlinks and having to disavow these every day is becoming a nightmare.

Well… that’s quite strange. Have you tried using the page rules?

What do you mean by using the page rules?

If you are using Cloudflare, you get the option called Rules. You can check out there.
At the same time, you may need to take steps as a precaution:

  1. Check your website uses updated plugins
  2. If you are using Wordpress, make sure plugins are from the Original source & not nulled
  3. If you are using any forms, see to it, you add a captcha.

I’m not sure how page rules will help with unwanted redirects. The redirects will essentially remain untouched.

My wordpress site is always up to date will all of these things. The issue here is someone has redirected their spammy sites to my site. It’s nothing to do with the security of my sites.

At least those redirects will be blocked. There are many articles & threads on this which are effective. Use :search: in the forum. You’ll have better answers.

Since they both redirect to https://www.example.com/abc-def/ which is actually the 404 WordPress page, for which you say is your website / domain, and it’s also using Cloudflare, I’d suggest you to setup either:

  1. Page Rule with a Forwarding Rule 301 to some non-existing page

  2. Firewall Rule where if URI path contains abc-def followed by the action “block”

That way, any request would not touch your origin host at all cost, either being redirected at the DNS before using a Page Rule to some bla-bla.com non-existing domain, otherwise it would be presented with a standard Cloudflare’s 1020 Access Deniied page.

I’d say a temporary solution, however a permanent way to clear this out at least for this case for now.

Just deny the access at all cost and lookup for further if the redirect path would change and if you’d start getting traffic to some other path of your Website, meaning someone is trying to hurt you or something else is between this :thinking:

I’d suggest you to try using some online tool to lookup for the DNS history for those domains.

Helpful articles:

Helpful tutorials:


Can you clarify this?

Did you complete the form at abuse.cloudflare.com as recommended?

That should not result in an auto reply directing to the community, technical support is not available on Free but abuse reports can be submitted by anyone, even if you’re not a Cloudflare customer.

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Thanks for the awesome suggestions fritex! I think the 2nd suggestion sounds like something i’ll try.

I’ll also try to find an online tool that can help me determine the hosting provider of abusive domains.

Also, a kind request: Are you able to please edit out my site’s domain from your post? I’d prefer this page not to contain it since it’ll be indexable by google and therefore searchable. Thank you!


Yes i did complete the form from “abuse Cloudflare portal” but after not hearing from them for over a week, I decided to send a message to Cloudflare Support and that’s when they told me that I should seek help from Cloudflare Community.

Happy to help you :slight_smile:

Done. Removed the pictures too.


Much appreciated fritex!

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