Unwanted PTR from Unowned Domain

We have owned this ip and this domain elk.greatdayhr.com
But when we ping elk.greatdayhr.com, it is show PTR domain that we not owned www.blockchainspace.asia
On our DNS record (Cloudflare) we dont setup PTR for that domain.
Is it something wrong with our Cloudflare or the domain www.blockchainspace.asia have wrong setup for PTR?


The owner of that IP address configured that, you will need to contact them, that’s not Cloudflare related.

You mean the owner of that domain right?
because we owned that ip

No, the owner of that IP address. So you are a representative of PT IndoDev Niaga Internet?

yes im representative for PT IndoDev Niaga Internet
Sorry, after i croscheck the domain is owned with us for a long time ago, but not for now. So i found on other dns server , that has PTR record for that ip to that domain.
So this case is solved, thanks for your help.

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