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A month ago we changed our server names from Google Domains to Cloudflare for optimization purposes. Unfortunately, this was conflicting with our web hosting provider as they also use Cloudflare to accelerate things. Recently we found a number of DNSSEC records still attached with our domain


Since then we have removed gestionintegral.ca from our Cloudflare account and returned to Google Domains servers in hopes that it would remove these records, but it did not. Also these records are not from Google Domains.

Are these DNSSEC records from our previous connection with Cloudflare and haven’t been properly removed ever since? If so how can I remove them?

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I am afraid they are. Your domain is currently not using Cloudflare and all these records come from Google. You will need to contact them to clarify how you go about removing them. Cloudflare does not control anything DNS-wise any more at this point.

Thanks for the quick response. As you can see we have no DNSSEC records on Google Domain.

These might be runtime values which do not show up in the UI, but that’s something you need to clarify with Google. Cloudflare is not involved at this point any more I am afraid.

Okay, thank you very much for clarifying. I will recommunicate with Google as they responded yesterday “The records that are pertaining as unwanted in your settings are not supported by Google Domains”. I fear this is going to be a game of ping-pong.


That could happen, but at this point only the registry and the DNS provider will be involved. Cloudflare does not have any control any more.

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Just wanted to let you know that I found the problem. It seems that when changing from Google to Cloudflare the Enable/Disable DNSSEC setting toggle to Disabled without removing the DNSSEC records. So when coming back to Google Domains this setting was showing Disabled when in fact the records were Enabled. Just needed to toggle On and Off to remove unwanted records.

You can remove DNS records by clicking the DNS record you want to delete and then click “delete” The record will then be removed

No worries, can happen :slight_smile:

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