Unwanted DNS "A" Records Keep Appearing

I run a Wordpress blog on my domain, and I keep getting subdomains created in Cloudflare’s DNS for things like cpanel.mikeeckman.com, autodiscover.mikeeckman.com that I don’t want. I delete them and they keep reappearing several hours later. How do I stop this?

My domain is https://www.mikeeckman.com


Hi @eckmanmike,

Check your Audit Log to see what’s adding the records, it’s most likely some 3rd party service that you’ve given access to your account.

Where are the Audit Logs? I am signed into dash.cloudflare.com and dont see any area for logging.



OKay, thanks. I found it, and it’s definitely being added by an API, but now I need to figure out which one. Thanks!


No problem, I would recommend checking your API tokens and, if you don’t use it elsewhere, rotata your API Key.

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