Unwanted changes to website

hi. Someone with admin privileges made some changes to the code of my website which now doesn’t work. How can I revert those changes?
I have already revoked users privileges.

Thank you,

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If you mean Cloudflare config, you can review the account’s audit log to see what happened.

If you mean the actual code for your website, that’s not something Cloudflare can help with.

If you’d like, you could share the web address here and we’d be able to take a look to see if it’s a Cloudflare issue.

I went through the audit and saw several changes that I believe being on the website actual code (not sure because I am not an expert). My website is www.luisafanzani.com . He made several changes but the only one I can understand is a redirection from www.luisafanzani.com to makeupcourse.luisafanzani.com (not active) on mobile only.

Here’s a similar thread with suggested solutions. In your case, it looks like someone has logged into your Cloudflare account. The below thread suggests changing your Cloudflare account password and adding 2FA.

Thanks, I did that already. My question is how can I revert the changes that have been made???

The details show that the old value was False (not enabled). This is under Speed -> Optimization at the bottom of the page.

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