Unwanted bots registration

How to block registration of bot users on wordpress?

They’re registering daily

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You can add a Firewall Rule with JS Challenge or a Page Rule with “I’m Under Attack” mode for the registration page.

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You can use plugins like Akismet for spam protection.


Aksimet works for spam comments - not for registering.

You can use Google CAPTCHA for registration.


https://wordpress.org/plugins/recaptcha-in-wp-comments-form/ this wordpress plugin fixed both comments and I believe you can also configure it to run at login & registration. It is what I am currently using. Before I was using this I used to get 100s of spam comments every single day. ANNOYING to say the least! Same thing goes for registration.


@matrixpoland, do you currently allow discussions on your site and want to block spammers or do you want to prevent the registration process altogether?

I don’t have any spam comments. I have only unwanted bots registrations.

Well to solve this you could either disable registration.

or you can use @Xaq’s solution to the problem and implement Google CAPTCHA or WordPress ReCaptcha Integration
I have personally disabled registrations on my wordpress site.

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