Unwanted api.js from Cloudflare


Cloudflare includes a script in my page and the script slows down the google pagespeed. Following code is inserted in the head:

< script async src=’/cdn-cgi/bm/cv/2172558837/api.js’>

And following in the body:

< script type=“text/javascript”>

I don’t use apps and disabled all possible cloudflare settings but without success. When I call the site from my computer there is no extra code included, but yandex/webpagetest.org und google page speed show me the extra code.

There is already a thread with the same problem, but it is already closed: Strange code showing on my site

The “Bot Fight Mode” is disabled on my page.

This code really slows down my page and I want to keep a high pagespeed score, but with this code included it is not possible. I also don’t know for what this code is for. Any hints?

Do I need to create a ticket to remove the unwanted code from my site or is there another solution?

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What plan level are you on? As that thread suggests, it looks like Bot Management, but that’s an Enterprise feature.

A wild guess would be something from Scrape Shield, like email obfuscation, but that generally shows up as a different script. And it should show up for all browsers.

Another guess is a firewall rule. Do you have any of those set up?

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I forgot to mention that I am on the free plan.

Email obfuscation is deactivated and there are no firewall rules defined.
I also tried setting the security level to “essentially off”.

For 2 or 3 hours there have not been any additional javascript on my site. It disappeard. Didn’t change anything. I’m curios if this will last longer.

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