Unusual problem with Cloudflare’s cache!


I have a strange problem with the cache. I setup the CloudFlare to cache my site, and that is ok. Speed increases noticeably. However, my users are not able to login anymore! The site is www.dentalspa.co.rs. Try the Login in the top right corner. The form opens, but when you enter anything it is just closed and nothing is submitted.

At first, I suspected to Rocket Loader, but it works fine for me. It speeds up the site, and users can login when RL is on, and Cache off.

Any ideas? What should I put in “bypass” to enable my users to login, or what else should I do?

Please help!

Cache Everything should not be used for Dynamic sites without careful planning.

If you know which cookies are part of the login process, you can set up a Worker to handle full page caching instead.

Thanks! I’ll try to do that.

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You are using Joomla and it’s own caching or a plugin JCH Optimize cache?

Due to configuration “Cache Everything”, could be that Joomla is breaking something in between.

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I am using both Joomla’s native Conservative caching and JCH Optimise PRO within CSS and js combine (set for 7 days caching in JCH) ;,(

The more the merrier, isn’t it? ;,(

Oh, something else I can add to my recipe box in the “disasters” section. :wink:

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