Unusual cause of error 1000

I’m trying to use a Cloudflare worker to publish a Notion website on joinsiliconvalley.com using the instructions on FruitionSite.com

I’ve done this several times (my[.]gigloft[.]com, crash[.]help, and pitchthisjob[.]com are all examples)

The ONLY difference this time is that the domain is registered by Google Domains. I’ve already tried reaching out to their support and their answer is stuck on “it’s an IP issue so we can’t help you.”

Current A record is pointed to Can someone please help me fix this?

Why is your “A” record pointed to That’s already Cloudflare, and you can’t :orange: that IP address. If you’re looking for a dummy address just so you have a DNS record for your Worker, try

Great idea. For me I’ll just CNAME to a hostname which doesn’t exist (e.g. nonexist.example.com). Either way works.

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The reason I pointed to is because those are the instructions on FruitionSite.com, but thanks for this suggestion. I will try & report back within 24 hours.

I had an incorrect worker route (using subdomain instead of domain)

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