Unused DNS Zone for my domain

Hi, I am writing to you about the domain stefkai dot com. ​ ​My host, Kinsta, has detected an old, unused Cloudflare DNS zone for my domain. Would you please remove it from your system? ​ ​I confirm that I have access to DNS for the domain and am willing to add a TXT record to prove domain ownership. Please send the TXT record you would like me to use. ​ ​Thanks!

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If your domain was or is in a Cloudflare customer account (either yours or another), it would delete from that account a few days after the nameservers were changed away from Cloudflare.

Your domain is showing only Godaddy nameservers and there are no records in the Cloudflare customer nameservers.

The IP address for your site resolves to a Cloudflare IP address That is something you set yourself in your Godaddy account. Ask your host what IP address it should be and log in to Godaddy and change it.

Hi sjr,
The domain was pointing to a Shopify store before we pointed it to Kinsta. I believe both Shopify and Kinsta uses Cloudflare and that’s what is causing the errors here. if you visit www . stefkai . com you still land on a Shopify error page, the store on Shopify was deleted.

Ah ok. You need to contact Shopify support and get them to release your domain name from their Cloudflare account.

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