Untrusted certificate

My apologies if this a stupid question, I am new to all of this.
My developer colleagues in company say that their application is having problems with accessing resources on this website https://getbootstrap.com because of untrusted certificate.
How can I obtain trusted root and intermediate certificates from cloudflare?

There is a proper certificate in place

Maybe they need to make sure they resolve to the correct IP address and flush any caches.

Thank you for quick response. I forgot to mention that company desktops are using a certificate that was created by people who left, this is how certificate info looks from my web browser:

That is not a valid certificate. Probably some internal security tool which intercepts the response and issues its own certificate. You need to clarify this with your network administrator. This is not a Cloudflare issue.

I am junior system/network administrator. I thought installing cloudflare trusted root and intermediate certificates on their desktops would solve the issue?

Cloudflare does trust publicly trusted certificates, however that is not the issue here.

In your case something on your network rewrites Cloudflare’s own certificates and thats what you need to stop.

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