Unsure why my subdomain redirect rule is not working

Hi, I’m stuck with what I thought was a simple page redirect rule.

I want to redirect one URL to a different URL, nothing fancy such as regex.

An example of a redirect rule:

Custom filter expression

URI equals https://support.example.com/index.php?/Knowledgebase/List

Redirect to a static


We set up the CNAME record to create the subdomain, the aim is to redirect from one knowledge base service to another (Freshdesk). But when I then test the link it is going to a 403 forbidden rather than redirects.

I am not knowledgable on Cloudflare, just looking to do the simple things. Any help would be appreciated.

Can you post a screenshot of the rule and the actual domain name?

Rule and actual domain


to go to:

support.scichart.com is not proxied so requests are going direct to your origin server and not through Cloudflare for the redirect to be applied…


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