UNsure on CR SSL systems - confused

Hi. I am using CF for a couple of domains - just tried a third but got stuck - I would like to ask some questions.

www.GeneralAviation.ca (working domain used as example)

  1. I have an SSL installed on my server. www.GeneralAviation.ca - it’s a proper (GoDaddy) cert. When the DNS pointed to the server, it went through in the normal way.

  2. I use CF and the SSL (when you look in the browser) shows Cloudflare - not GoDaddy. I am not sure why. What is the purpose of a CF SSL on a site that is SSL already? Is it protecting the conversation between CF and the server (which is an extra communication not needed when the server is the DNS provider?)

  3. What if I want all SSL functions to bypass CF - basically use CF for cashing and DNS only - how do I (or can I) set that-up? I ask because I got a lot of 525 issues and ERR_SSL_VERSION_OR_CIPHER_MISMATCH problems (site is JewelConnect.com - but am in process of re-pointing DNS so ussies probably won’t be available to see when you look at this)


Andy B

Here, you would be using Cloudflare for many of the Cloudflare features such as caching, DDoS protection, and more.

No. If you set a DNS record to “DNS only” (grey cloud :grey:), then Cloudflare will simply pass-through the IP of your server to the DNS. Cloudflare will no longer be involved in the connection, so there is no feasible way for CF to cache resources.

This is probably just a temporary issue, CF may still be in the process of issuing a SSL certificate for that specific site.

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