Unsure of how to set everything up

What I’m trying to do is the following:

I have a domain name. I want to forward that domain name to a linktr.ee (but only the root and www). Then, I want to connect the subdomain ‘blog’ to my webhosting. However, I want to keep the e-mail forwarding that my domain registrar offers me. The problem is that the registrar only offers that forwarding as long as I use their nameservers. So ideally I’d set up different NS records with my registrar just for the ‘blog’ subdomain, to point that alone to my webhosting. But then I can’t use cloudflare, right? Because cloudflare doesn’t let you only do a subdomain afaik. But then if I would set cloudflare NS for the domain, the e-mail forwarding would break.

So how should I go about this? Should I just… connect my domain to my webhosting completely, and then connect cloudflare, and set up page rules to forward the root and www? and then just configure the mail settings in my webhosting to forward to gmail? but that would add another step and make it less reliable… because then it would arrive to my webhosting’s inbox and be forwarded from there, instead of the e-mail address just sending to gmail directly…

Sorry, maybe I’m being dumb here, but I’m quite inexperienced with all this, so I’m just getting a bit lost.

That pretty much eliminates Cloudflare as an option. Cloudflare needs to be the authoritative name server for your domain, which is what your registrar wants to be. You can’t delegate subdomain NS into Cloudflare unless you’re on a Business or Enterprise plan.

However, forwardemail.net offers a free service that works with Cloudflare name servers.

Alright so but everything else I described about how I should go about it is correct then? So I should link my domain to my hosting, then set up cloudflare, and then add the dns records provided by forwardemail in cloudflare?

What do you have running so far? Just the email? Or do you have linktree and/or the blog configured?

the only thing I still need to resolve is it’s giving me a warning about the MX record that “this record exposes the IP behind mail.x.x”. everything else is working.

sooo I’m guessing I could just remove that MX record and replace it with the forwardemail ones?

Right, that MX record would have been for your registrar’s email forwarder. But you’ll be replacing it with whatever MX record the new service wants.

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