Unsure if deleting and readding a domain to cloudfare caused the DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN error

Dear all, I’ve received the infamous DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN error. I believe mine is a special case warranting a post on here because of the extensive troubleshooting I tried (detailed below).


I recently created a new firebase project. To allow my domain to have all the new features I deployed to the project I had to migrate my domain semenretaining.com to the new firebase project. To do this I had to add the new A and TXT records from my firebase console onto the DNS settings on Cloudflare

All I did was add a new TXT record and overwrote the content of the existing A record to match my new firebase project.

After a few mins of waiting I didn’t see any changes happening to my website. Therefore I decided to delete and re-add my domain on Cloudflare (maybe I was too impatient and should have waited 24 hours). My website began to show the error.

I checked the overview page and the instructions are to add the new nameservers for my domain.

However when I checked my DNS, the new nameservers have already been created for my domain.

Interestingly when I check the whois on icann its still showing my old nameservers. So it seems there’s an issue or perhaps its taking too long to propagate to the new nameservers.

Its now been more than 24 hours, closer to 48 hours and the issue remains.

Trouble-shooting (what I tried)

The first thing I did was google this error and saw several posts referencing the quick tips link below. I then tried each of the tips one by one. My answers are in bold below.

1.The domain is not pointed to Cloudflare name servers. Contact your domain registrar and ask that they point the domain to your Cloudflare nameservers.

My domain registrar is already Cloudflare.

2.DNS propagation needs some time, wait for recent changes to take effect.

I’ve waited more than 24 hours, I think its 48 hours now.

3.There is no subdomain configured in your DNS settings or the origin IP address that was specified in your DNS tab is incorrect.

N/A the domain name has not changed. I have had no issues accessing any subdomains previously.

4.If example.com does not resolve, that may indicate there is no A record 129 for the naked domain. Go to your DNS tab and create an A record 129 with “@” as name and your origin IP address as the value.

When I type @ into the A record section in my DNS it already populates it with my domain name. Therefore there is nothing more to do here.

5.If you are seeing the error and experiencing slow load times, note that Cloudflare does not cache HTML by default. When a request is made to the HTML, Cloudflare will need to forward the request to your origin and respond it back to your visitors. To improve the loading time, you may consider caching the HTML only at Cloudflare. How do I cache static HTML 170? Cloudflare will serve the content to your visitors instead.

N/A this is not a slow load time but inability to load the site entirely.

6.Whois is showing Cloudflare nameservers but I am under attack mode is active and/or Cloudflare is paused on your site. Change those settings and re-check.

I’ve checked the overview section and the Under attack mode is already set as inactive for my website.

I also tried surfing with another browser (MS edge) based on the tip in this thread: New domain added, DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN - #2 by fritex

Website still wouldn’t load

Finally I followed (most) of the tips in this web article: How to Fix the DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN Error?

1.Flush the dns → no effect

2.Restart dns client service → run into the error mentioned on the webpage “The requested pause, continue, or stop is not valid for this service.”

3.Change dns service → don’t want to risk trying this as I don’t understand details/if reversible

4.Reset Chrome Flags → no effect

5.Disable VPN → not applicable for me as I am not using a VPN Disable antivirus temporarily no effect

6.Remove domain from Local Hosts File → my website isn’t listed in the file

7.Check DNS of Your Domain → already what I am trying to resolve in this thread

8.Restart computer → already done this

Therefore I’ve run out of ideas and would appreciate your community support to point me in the right direction. Is this something I should raise with customer support?


You need to follow the instructions in your Nameserver Setup screenshot: Log into your registrar account and replace with the two name servers they told you to. The ones in WHOIS are the ones those instructions told you to remove.

HI @sdayman if you see the 4th screenshot I’ve added. those nameservers have already been automatically replaced with the new ones I’ve been instructed to add.


Deleting and re-adding a domain will give you a new name server pair:


Follow that advice and update the the name servers through Squarespace.

The name servers are still:


And MUST be replaced with:


It will continue that way until you perform the requested name server change through Squarespace.

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Nope. That’s still in your Cloudflare account, telling you the name servers they have as Authoritative.

Please follow the instructions and change the name servers at your domain registrar. Squarespace, by the looks of it.

Thanks I understand my error in understanding I totally forgot that I needed to add these to google domains (my registrar). I’ve added them now and will wait 24hours or so to see what happens and update this thread.


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That looks better:

% whois semenretaining.com | grep "Name Server:"

It should be active shortly. Those two DNS records also now resolve.

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thanks all its all working now. appreciate the help!


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