Unsure about which DNS records to change

Hi all,

I’m currently trying to add my website to Cloudflare but I’m unsure about which DNS records I need to change to make this work.

My registrar allows me to configure an external nameserver, so that’s what I did. A nameserver lookup shows me that this is working since it shows me the two Cloudflare nameservers.

However, I didn’t (need to?) change anything in the records and that’s what confuses me. The DNS records for my domain are as follows:

So should I change/delete anything there or am I finde since it seems to be working?

Best regards

You need to change the nameservers at the registrar as opposed to adding NS records into your existing DNS.

You wouldn’t touch your existing records at all since you’re moving to Cloudflare nameservers meaning all DNS record configuration would be done at Cloudflare.

Thank you. Since this is what I already did, it seems that I’m good to go.


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