Unsure about page rule settings for domain name

Hello, brand new here… and absolutely amazed at this service.

I have a page rule question please.

I have set “Always Use HTTPS” for the following:


I read the instructions but was unsure about whether an asterisk needed to go before the http:// like this:


Also was unsure whether the URL should be:

http://mysite.net/ or https://mysite.net/ as my site is SSL.

I would greatly appreciate clarification from someone well versed. Thank you.

ADDENDUM: Under SSL/TLS, I have Your SSL/TLS encryption mode is Full
Therefore, do I even need the page rule above?
Thank you.

Always use HTTPS is available on the SSL/TLS tab on your dashboard, so you do not need a page rule at all.

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Terrific, thank you!

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