Unsure about nameservers

I have had my domains registrar at GoDaddy - and there had the domains nameservers switched to cloudflare or siteground. . . don’t remember . . .

I have moved a few of the domains registrar to Siteground (lower cost for renewing) - now here I don’t see where the nameservers are set . . . .

Also - for the site hosting at siteground - - i’m just trying to put together how everything works and the proper way to set things up.

Thanks for your help

You really can’t set name servers here, but the ones you have would be listed at the bottom of the DNS settings page for your domain at dash.cloudflare.com

There are usually three parts to a site setup:

  1. The Domain Registrar – This is where you buy your domain and set the name servers. This is sometimes the same place that hosts your site and email in #2.
  2. The website host – That’s the place with your website (and, optionally, email) data and knows what your DNS records should look like.
  3. Cloudflare – This is where you should have a copy of your DNS records that will be authoritative so Cloudflare can proxy your website.

Sometimes a host with a Cloudflare partnership is also in control of #3.

Ok so the registrar is cloudflare-
I see the nameservers there- how does it connect to my site- it’s currently live, but not understanding how since cloudflare is the registrar , has the nameservers , yet at site ground is the hosting- not understanding how they are connected.

You just said GoDaddy was the registrar.

What’s the domain name?

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