Unsure about my CF install / account / dns name change

Yesterday, I’ve used my cpanel-icon to get to CF.
It offers me to “create my free account”. My cpanel credential than showed up and I’ve elected to create the account (CF) with different credentials (ie. based on my gmail).

My CF-account seems to work fine. But I’m really not sure about the “Pending NameServer update” message. It seems everyone or so gets this message, but something seems to be off - I think it has to do with me entering CF through my cpanel, and then creating aside of it.

According to responses I’ve found it the CF-forum & the CF-diagnostic tool, it might be that i’ve changed the dns, but I have no clue on the how-to proceed.

Any guidance, advice would be appreciated. The website name is pagecochee.com
Many thanks,

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On the dns app of your Cloudflare dashboard at the bottom of the page are two nameservers, ask your domain registrar, whois shows that as 1API GmbH to change the nameservers from

Name Server: ns69.namehero.net
Name Server: ns70.namehero.net

to the two shown on your dns app. If you have done that, it will take up to 24 hours to propagate that change, you can track progress here, DNS Propagation Checker - Global DNS Testing Tool. If it’s been more than 24 hours you may want to contact your registrar and ask about the delay and ask them to remove any icann holds that may be affecting the change.

Thank you for the guidance.
I’ll do that right now, and let you / the board know how it went.

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It works.
For non-tech like me, you need to contact your share-hosting company, and they will change the dns according to your instructions (ie. from the dns with the “registrar name” to the Cloudflare name. Of course, if you have register your domain name with a different company than the one who provide you the hosting, share-hosting, I’m guessing you have to deal with them.
But it works fine, and disseminate fast-enough for me.
Many thanks for the board support, help & advices,

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