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I have created a subdomain shop.tonggarden.com.sg it’s work fine with cloudflare setup however if i try to access www.shop.tonggarden.com.sg it will give me ERR_SSL_VERSION_OR_CIPHER_MISMATCH

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It work fine if i disable the cloudflare proxy. It’s already a week ok more so DNS and SSL certificate should be properly propagated

Hi @it.jb,

Looks like this:

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Hi @domjh
I have a pro plan but i dont see any option for it. Do you have any doc link for setup ?

It’s not included in the Pro plan and will be an additional add-on.

Docs are here: https://developers.cloudflare.com/ssl/edge-certificates/advanced-certificate-manager

Hi @domjh
I see then i guess it does not fulfill our requirement what is the use of paying if cant manage a simple SSL certificate .

I’m not sure what you mean, a two level deep subdomain is not ‘standard’ and will require additional hostnames on the certificate. You can do this with either the ACM add-on or with a Business Plan and custom certificate.

Alternatively, you can bypass Cloudflare on that subdomain, by unproxying it, and handle the certificate on your server, if you want.

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Hi @domjh

Thank you unproxying on www.shop worked fine

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