Unsupported Protocol fix please

This site can’t provide a secure connection

emchat.app uses an unsupported protocol.


Cloudflare is active i tried set to Flexible, to Full, Full (Strict) even off but still same issue also enabled on CPanel. Please any solution thanks.

when i do with Origin certifivate i get “error” The certificate uploaded is NOT for the domain name emchat.app (CloudFlare Origin Certificate was seen) .

now i only get this error:

This site can’t provide a secure connection

emchat.app sent an invalid response.


update: website work fine on Samsung default browser but not in any other browser.

I contacted byethost as said on DNS Zone but they say contact clouflare support and ask them to remove your domain linkage to byethost. but Cloudflare automatic reply always says to contact on Community forum . please help me thanks

I want to set nameservers to Cloudflare because i have alot of SSL issues. web link: https://emchat.app

Please dont do it this way. You shall just start migrating to Cloudflare once your setup is secure, properly setup and working. So please fix your SSL Error without Cloudflare and after this migrate to Cloudflare.

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but Byethost told me to contact cloudflare support and their automated reply tell me to post it here.

Your Host does not let you install the origin SSL Cert from Cloudflare. So your host is blocking you by doing this and therefor your host should not refer to Cloudflare. They block this because Cloudflare is not a recognized SSL vendor and therefore they do not let you install this SSL cert.

Also their Error message is wrong, as this certificate is for your domain name. The vendor is just not a publicly recognized vendor. Thats all.

Referring to THIS there is not workaround to install Cloudflares origin SSL Cert.

But to solve the problem please install a Lets Encrypt SSL Cert and then switch to SSL Mode “Full Strict”. That should do the trick.

To do so you probably have to bypass Cloudflare and set it temporary into “Development Mode”.

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thx i will try this

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