Unsupported domain transfer .gg

Currently trying to transfer my domain (mydomain.gg) away from godaddy to Cloudflare. However on Cloudflare it says its unsupported. Ive looked online to see if its supported or not .gg and i found an old post which did say it was supported however due to it being very old i didnt know if it was still true. Is .gg supported or not and if it is why am i getting an Unsupported next to the domain when trying to transfer?

It is not supported:

Was that on the forum here? Do you have a link?

I looked at 2 old post one of them was this one - Can i add domain .gg to CloudFlare? the other i can’t find right now.

That’s referring to adding the domain to use Cloudflare’s DNS & Proxy services, not Registrar.

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