Unsupported characters?

I have a domain(äger.com) that I would like to transfer to Cloudflare, but the domain is listed under a “Unable to transfer” tab with a “Unsupported characters” explanation.
What character or characters in the domain name is not supported ?

Carl {redacted}

Did you try to add the punycode version? The unsupported character would b the ‘ä’

Punycode would be xn--ger-pla.com

Just an idea :man_shrugging:

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Punycode works to add the site to cloudflare, but @domainrules, I don’t know how/where you’d use it when transferring the zone to cloudflare registrar.

Edit - The team indicated this is a known limitation of registrar and at this point, I don’t have an ETA as to when IDNs will be supported for transfer to Registrar.

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The error message “Unsupported characters” is just total BS.
There is no new characters to “support” with IDNs, just plain old ASCII as it always has been.

The question is rather, why Cloudflare are filtering out IDNs, and actively not supporting them…
I don’t know why, but blaming the character set is total baloney…

Carl {redacted}

I probably would not use these words :wink: but I understand your point. The issue seems to be that Cloudflare appears to “parse” (or whatever) the name pre-Punycode and “freaks out” when it encounter the non-ASCII character.

I am speculating wildly here, but maybe Cloudflare started to implement some IDN homograph attack prevention system, and then couldn’t get it quite right, and consequently put the whole issue on the backburner…
Again, wild speculation !