Unsuccessfully trying to implement CloudFlare on Hostgator site with domain hosted by GoDaddy

I am trying to set up CloudFlare to work properly with my site. It did once, but I had some difficulties with the service prior to switching the site to https. Now that I have done that, I am trying to restart the CloudFlare service.

However, I’m having some difficulty. First of all, my site is hosted on HostGator and the domain via GoDaddy. For this, CloudFlare says to replace the name servers on GoDaddy that point to HostGator with theirs. However, when I have done this, it causes the site to disappear and cease to function. I then have to replace them and end up back where I’ve started. So, I’m not sure what I’m doing incorrectly. I am also utilizing the MaxCDN service on the site if that makes any difference.

Thank you in advance of your help.

So, I was also told by HostGator that the “https” only works if the CDN is turned off. So, I am wondering if it is in fact worth it to even attempt to get this to work at all. Again, thanks in advance for any help.

Once you add your site to Cloudflare, all your DNS records here should match the ones you have at your web host. So if your site was working with HTTPS before, then it can do HTTPS at Cloudflare.

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