Unsuccessful trying to add SSHFP records

Trying to add SSHFP records in the DNS Dashboard. No Dice. Page will not receive.

{success: false, errors: [{code: 1004, message: "DNS Validation Error",…}], messages: [], result: null}
  errors: [{code: 1004, message: "DNS Validation Error",…}]
    0: {code: 1004, message: "DNS Validation Error",…}
      code: 1004
      error_chain: [{code: 9101, message: "fingerprint is a required data field."}]
        0: {code: 9101, message: "fingerprint is a required data field."}
          code: 9101
          message: "fingerprint is a required data field."
    message: "DNS Validation Error"
  messages: []
  result: null
  success: false

What I do not get. Is especially the (sub) error code of 9101. fingerprint is a required data field." Because the fingerprint is clearly typed into the correct field in the UI.

Did you copy and paste the fingerprint or type it out?
Some sites have issues as they don’t detect a paste as a valid input. Can you try deleting the last couple of character and type them back.

Did you copy and paste the fingerprint or type it out?

Copy-paste! The suggestion of deleting and retyping e.g. last 4 chars does not work. Same error.

Apparently my experience is not unique. :frowning: Could be the UI upgrade CF did, that broke something in the back-end communication channel (somewhere). [Who knows? A CF team somewhere, probably do]

Seen the issue for far only myself with the SSHFP records, others have reported the CAA[0], too. Other have faced trouble, too. [1][2]

It’s a bug in the new UI, CAA RR’s aren’t working either. I put it in my response to their survey that popped up. Probably worth sending a ticket too.

It does look like there is an error on Cloudflare’s side. As you pointed out other people are reporting that certain records do not work.

I would submit a ticket for it.

This looks to be an issue with the validation system.
Our Engineers are working on it, and hopefully it will be fixed soon.

Hmm. Opening a ticket with support was worth it. Got a reply back, indicating CF is doing internal diagnosing on the issue. :thinking:

Hopefully it will start working in some days. Maybe in the coming weeks. Really hope the issue does not get put the low priority queue of things needed to get resolved. And it only starts working next year. :pleading_face:

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