Unsolicited spam after signing up with Cloudflare

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Why since subscribing to Cloudflare services I am getting bombarded with unsolicited offers in my email that I did not request?

And don’t give me a talk about a billion dollar company ■■■■, Charfff

Check the whois response for your domain, aren’t you receiving the spam to the email address that you set as contact email? If yes, well, you got your answer since if you can see it via a public whois check, the spammer can do the same.

If not, then it’s just a coincidence, Cloudflare itself has nothing to do with it.

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Thanks brotha :slight_smile: Actively working on changing it. Lost my cool when I wake up to a mailbox full of all kinds of ■■■■. Some even send PDF invoices thinking that I will actually open it :slight_smile: Like- “hey there, your transaction has been approved, click the PDF, lol” I am a hardcore privacy type person. Hate when this happens, because I work diligently every day to make sure this doesn’t happen. So this one pissed me off badly, making me feel like all my efforts have gone to **** :slight_smile:

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Wut are you even talking about bruddah?


:rofl::raised_hands:t2: Fixed it