Unsecured Web Page SSL

Hi, no caa record present… I have:

A record for the domain 360n co uk
A admin
A mail

All those point to my hosting ip address

Then have CNAMES for

Web disk admin
Www Admin

Please fix this first. This is the issue you need to resolve. Check this dev guide:

You can read this thread as well:

Have you enabled universal ssl?
A further guide in this article:

Hello, just wanted to give an update on this issue. I wasn’t allowed to post here for 19 hours :roll_eyes: I couldn’t resolve the problem, I think this is a problem with that domain name in some way still tied with hostinguk. I ended up ordering a new domain name and everything now works as it should on mobile and laptop.

Big thanks for trying to help put, some great suggestions.



@ethandavo Thanks for the update.

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