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I just bought the domain alexrk.io and added a record to point it to a heroku app through Cloudflare. My issue is that I can’t seem to access the site securely through https://alexrk.io or https://www.alexrk.io
Something strange that happens is when i use the curl command, it says the server is “cowboy” and there is no indication that it is connected to Cloudflare. it seems like www.alexrk.io is working by itself however.
I pointed my nameservers to Cloudflare, added proper cname records with orange clouds, and enabled a flexible certificate (which is already activated) and forced https connection in my Cloudflare SSL/TLS settings.
I did, however, just register the site yesterday so I may just be impatient while the site is still propagating.
Is there any way to check for other errors?

They both go through Cloudflare, but only www delivers a regular site. I suggest you redirect over to www:

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Hey sdayman!
Thanks for getting back to me. It looks like the root is now successfully rerouting to www and, as far as I can tell, it’s working as I want it to.

Thanks for your response. I really appreciate the support :slight_smile:

Alex RK

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