Unresolved DNS after more than 3 days

Added a domain to CF few days ago and configured it. Mentioning that it’s not the first time I’m doing this since I’m a technical person.
Along 3 days CF resolves only ~ 15 out of 32 locations on dnschecker.

Why is this happening, anyone encountered this before ?

Can you share the name of the record that isn’t propagating?

I would rather keep it private, but as a note all records MX, A, AAAA, TXT are not being resolved by same DNS locations.

I have changed to another US DNS provider, and still same regions are not resolving the domain.

It’s a .eu domain. Maybe there’s are restrictions for some TLD’s ???

Seems there were some issues with my registrar during enabling DNSSEC and this was causing all the issues.

DNS servers that were not resolving the domain earlier, they were validating DNSSEC requests while the others didn’t.

So maybe this helps someone. I used DNSViz to find the issue.


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