Unresolvable domain

Hello, i just started using cloudflare domain combining it with aws lightsail, i run through some problems
i cant seem to resolve my domain without using www subdomain, i cant use the bitnami autoinstall ssl tool if i cant resolve my domain without using www, why am i using bitnamis tool? well because i need to make alot of sites and having to configure https on everysite everytime manualy is to much work.

more info
the domain : husinsworkshop.com

thanks in advance
please tell me if you need more info any help is apriciated since im really new to this

Hi @its.husin,

You don’t dseem to have any DNS records for your root domain, just for www.

You will need to add a record for @ or husinsworkshop.com pointing to the same place as your www record.

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@domjh This worked, thank you so much.

it pisses me of cause there was an instruction in the dns app and i didnt read it, guess i need to evaluate more

anyway thanks

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