Unrecognized Port 6080" in webpage

HI Community,

We detected unusual behaviour of serving traffic in port 6080 instead of 80 in HTTP request

May I know why this happens and how to solve this

Did anyone face non standard port issue this with cloudflare ip on port no 6080.One of our client complained this. In primary view non of our applications use this port.

This is something on your network/server. A quick search says port 6080 is used by arcgis - does it ring any bells? Some user running this left it open or firewall was changed to allow direct access?

Ports used by ArcGIS Server—ArcGIS Enterprise | Documentation for ArcGIS Enterprise

“By default, ArcGIS Server supports HTTPS communication only, and communication through port 6080 is not allowed. Administrators can change this setting in the ArcGIS Server Administrator Directory to allow HTTP plaintext communication through port 6080, but this is considered a less secure option.”

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