Unrecognized IP when logging in

This is total ■■■■. I had to make a new account page just to ask a question. Cloudflare, you need to get it together. Cloudflare has deleted my business email MX records, My DNS is pointing to nowhere, my host server and Google have pointed the finger to Cloudflare. I have a paid plan and get no support what so ever but you take my monthly payment without any problems. Just because you’re popular doesn’t mean you’re a God. Customer support doesn’t even exist to paying clients, so beware. Somebody needs to look at my account status ASAP before more issues arise with my website. There is no reason my device is now not recognized during log in. It sucks when you pay for a Google business email and CDN service that don’t operate correctly.

Can you confirm if is it really “Cloudflare” that deleted your MX records? Check your Audit logs. I believe it could be something else.

Of course I can. Both host gator and Google both say it’s Cloudflare. somebody has restricted my ip or something, but im getting tired of paying for service that doesn’t work.

Sure. Can you provide the evidence?

Using your paid service and getting zero support at all. I need to know why you have deleted my email mx records and my DNS is pointing to nobody? I have wasted so much time with my host server and Google and they both say Cloudflare is the culprit. Somebody needs to reactivate my email and configure my DNS again. I have no way to access my account since i can’t log in. So I’m basically using a dummy account just to ask for urgent help. We need to figure out what happened and why

Check audit logs where? i can’t check anything if i can’t log in.

Have already spoke with a Google programmer. they said there is nothing they can do but to contact Cloudflare.

Cloudflare controls email’s, so something happened to the nameserver im guessing. Can’t receive any business email, only can send. Google said you have the wrong MX records, and something about a A record.

I don’t think i’m explaining this correctly. But I need to have access to my account page, all i can think of is some sort of ip block. could be my isp, not sure. all i know is my account login is restricted and need the api token, which i don’t have because i can’t receive any emails. I need to know if there is a problem in Colombia either in Medellin or Bogota? why would even thing be working is suddenly stop. My account billing is paid, so it’s something internal that i can’t fix.

The only I action made was disabling Scrape Shield yesterday because of the error code it was generating.

FYI, this account I’m using now is not the paid account. i had to create a dummy account just to get any support.

It’s late, and im tired. Google and HostGator both said your need to re point my DNS to something. as of now its pointing nowhere. That’s all the proof i can give you. without access to my account there is nothing i can do. Both parties said it’s a easy fix to do, but unfortunately it’s out of my hands. only a Cloudflare programmer can do this task.

This is getting so exhausting paying for service with no real help. When your programs affect the lively hood of others you really need to step up your game. How many more times do i need to ask for one of your programmers to enter into my account and adjust the DNS. Your have my DNS pointing into Space basically. It would be also nice to receive business emails to my paid Gmail service. Now, you’re affecting my business in a critical manner which can’t happen. You don’t take customers money and provide zero service. Be more proactive with your paying customers please.

The Free, Pro and Business plans are all self-serve subscriptions. Customers on the Pro and Business plan can contact Cloudflare Support if they’re having problems or need advice on how to configure the service, but, ultimately, configuration is the customer’s responsibility. If you’re looking for a managed service, the Enterprise plan is where it’s at.

I have a Pro plan…how many time do i need to say this

I would appreciate it if you actually read my reply before responding :slightly_smiling_face:


I am sorry for the issues you are facing @user4766. I assure you, nobody at cloudflare removed your MX or any other records in your account. I see you have zone pending in the account you are using here and the same zone active in another account with a paid plan.

If I understand correctly, you are unable to login to the other account that has the active zone. Is that correct?

Can you please email support AT cloudflare DOT com from the email address associated with the account where you are having login issues? Please share your ticket number here in order for us to track progress.

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